Another Crab’s Treasure came out a week ago and since then, Aggro Crab Games has released a number of updates and patches for the game.

While the game has received overall praise, it’s also been criticized over many bugs encountered by players. Aggro Crab has been hard at work by patching these bugs, but since they are a small team, they’ve had trouble keeping up with them. This is why while working on patching certain errors, sometimes they’ve inadvertently created more of them.

Working on the game post-launch has been a difficult task for the small team at Aggro Crab, so they have decided on slowing down on patches for the sake of the game, the players, and themselves. They promise that they will not stop working on the game, but they’ll be releasing updates more periodically, rather than daily.

If you’d like to read the full statements, you can read the entire Twitter thread linked below.

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