QubicGames has announced that Baking Time by CrazyLabs will be released for the Nintendo Switch today. Stack all kinds of mouth-watering baked goods, from croissants to cookie hearts and everything in between!

Grab your spatula, lift the baked goods out of the oven, and put them on display so that customers can buy them! With a steady stream of hungry customers waiting in line, it’s up to you to deliver their orders quickly and efficiently!

Satisfy your customers and earn money that you can spend to hire additional staff and expand your bakery! Unlock new recipes and serve even more delicious pastries!

Need a helping hand? Invite your friend to play in local co-op mode and expand your bakery to the next level! Grab your aprons and get ready to bake up a storm in Baking Time together!


  • Bake over 30 different pastries that your customers won’t resist!
  • Collect baked goods with a spatula and put them on the display to sell them!
  • Operate the cash register and satisfy your customers’ appetites!
  • Earn tons of money to unlock new levels of your bakery!
  • Hire staff to help you collect the baked goods much faster!
  • Unlock 32 adorable animals that boost the cash you and your bakers collect!
  • Upgrade your character and workers to walk faster or carry more pastries!
  • Perform baker’s tasks and claim your rewards
  • Prepare baked goods for special large orders!
  • Feed your cookie monsters to get money each second -Use the teleport to move faster between levels
  • Get caught up in the cooking fever and try not to get hungry!

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