The number crunchers over at Newzoo are at it again, this time tracking down the biggest money-makers on Switch for the first quarter of 2024. They’ve gone so far as to see what’s making the most revenue in the United States versions Europe, and you can get a look at the top 10 for each below. (h/t VGC)


As you can see, Fortnite reigns supreme in both parts of the world, and it shouldn’t be any surprise. Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the worlds, and it’s ripe with microtransactions for cosmetics. The store is updated on a daily basis, and it’s clear Switch players are finding a lot to cash in their V-Bucks on.

While the two lists have a lot in common, the performance of Hogwart’s Legacy is the most interesting standout. While the game appears on both sides of the list, it pulled in a lot more revenue throughout Europe than it did in the U.S.. Looks like the Potter fans here in the states just aren’t as dedicated as those throughout Europe!

Newzoo also shared charts for other platforms, as well as a combined chart for PC and consoles. If you’d like to dig deep into that data, you can find it here.

[Newzoo, VGC]

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