The game industry and its fandom has played host to all sorts of memes and jokes over the years. Some of them are fleeting, while others have staying power. Without a doubt, the “Can it run DOOM” meme is one of the longest-running and beloved memes out there, and it’s going to stay that way for decades to come.

For those who don’t know, “Can it run DOOM” is exactly what it sounds like. Whenever any new piece of tech comes out that has a screen, someone out there aims to see if it can run doom. The Playdate portable, refrigerators with TV screens, pedometers, the list goes on and on. Now we’re seeing a new twist on the DOOM meme, as someone has crammed the timeless FPS into a completely different game.

Persona 5 Royal lets you buy a retro game console to play videogames as a side activity. Yes, it’s all a bit meta, but this latest DOOM meme has taken things even deeper. DOOM isn’t actually part of Persona 5 Royal, but thanks to some dedicated modders with a sense of humor, it’s now possible to play the shareware version of DOOM within the confines of Persona 5 Royal.

Is it the best way to play DOOM? Well, it’s not a perfect experience, but it’s certainly better than many of the “Can it play DOOM” mods that are out there. Truthfully, having DOOM inside of Persona 5 Royal might be a perfect compliment, as sometimes you might want to take a break from the role-playing action in order to take on something a bit more frenetic!

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