The long-running Outbreak series welcomes two new entries in one today: What Lydia Knows and Outbreak RPG. They’re available NOW as Outbreak The FEDORA Files: What Lydia Knows, a single package on Nintendo Switch.

In What Lydia Knows, Detective Lydia Daniels’ partner Sanchez goes missing while researching a frightening case. Our heroine resolves to find him before it’s too late! The unnerving number of bodies accumulating at the Jackson Street storm drain is only the beginning of Cypress Ridge’s troubles. Lead Lydia to the sinister truth in this first episode of What Lydia Knows, a three-part visual novel prequel to the upcoming survival horror chiller Outbreak: Shades of Horror.

Players will make a multitude of decisions that will impact how this shocking story reaches its conclusion. Navigate Cypress Ridge and grill a variety of distinct characters, complete mini-games, and more to see each of the game’s 24 endings! As players discover more endings, new concept art and music tracks from the Outbreak series are unlocked for a peek behind the curtain! Players can also devise their own dialog and scenarios and share them with friends using the included Scene Studio’s intuitive tools.

The other half of the What Lydia Knows package is Outbreak RPG, an engrossing, turn-based adventure that’s exciting to return to time and time again with semi-procedurally generated content! Control Lydia and her party to rescue wayward survivors in the derelict streets of a city in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Each playable character has unique weapons, powers, and flaws to handle as they fight off savage zombies, brutes, and more.

Danger is lurking around every turn, so players must watch their backs. Select the right team mate to exploit enemy vulnerabilities, unleash massive spread damage, and maybe even score a critical hit. Face randomized events that may score some precious ammo or leave the squad worse for wear. Once ten survivors, each offering special benefits to the team, are extricated, players must face off against an unexpected threat before they can flee to safety. Every play-through of Outbreak RPG is thoroughly entertaining and surprising, and its four difficulty options allow players to always confront new challenges!

Outbreak The FEDORA Files: What Lydia Knows is a captivating bundle that presents players with a differentiated horror experience. Will Lydia evade danger long enough to smoke out what’s true, or will she take this tale’s sordid secrets to the grave?

Outbreak The FEDORA Files: What Lydia Knows is now available on Nintendo Switch at an MSRP of $19.99 USD. International pricing may vary.

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