If you thought the time had come and gone for The Super Mario Bros. Movie to earn accolades, you can think again. The film has garnered yet another feather in its cap, and it’s possibly the biggest one yet.

On both the domestic and worldwide scale, The Super Mario Bros. Movie placed second overall in terms of box office cume. The film reached a gross of $1,362,034,072 worldwide, with just Barbie doing better with a $1,445,638,421 total. While there’s nothing wrong with second place at all, there’s an area where Mario managed to one-up Barbie.

According to data crunched by Deadline, The Super Mario Bros. Movie ended up being the most profitable film released in 2023. When all was said and done for the year, the movie reached $559 million for the studio. That’s a bigger studio net than any other film that came out in 2023. There’s simply no way Universal, Illumination or Nintendo couldn’t be anything other than ecstatic about that.

It was no surprise that a sequel to the Mario movie was announced, but when you see this kind of profit raked in, you could imagine that expectations for the follow-up are sky high in every way possible.

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