Mere hours ago, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa announced that Nintendo would be officially unveiling the Switch’s successor in this fiscal year. That means we’ll be learning about Nintendo’s next hardware sometime before April 2025. Want to know more about the device right now? Nintendo was willing to share a tiny detail that actually gives a ton of insight.

Nintendo shared their Fiscal Year results a few hours back, and that was followed by the usual Q&A with investors. During that discussion, Nintendo was asked if their next hardware was brand-new. Surprisingly, Furukawa opted to share a bit of clarification on what the hardware will be.

According to Furukawa, the “Switch next model is the appropriate way to describe it.” While that doesn’t give us quite the amount of information we’d like to hear, it does seem to indicate that Nintendo is going to be sticking closely to the Switch’s design and features, but obviously there will be a major upgrade in terms of tech.

As for what this device will be called and its full breakdown of features, we’ll have to hang tight until Nintendo feels like pulling back the curtain.

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1M ago

Quite an interesting phrase...

I agree it means the Switch Successor will closely model after the Switch but this statement is just vague enough to be able to fully walk it back if needed....