Apex Legends: Upheaval Now Available

A whole new experience awaits

07 May 2024
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Embrace the Void and devour chaos as EA and Respawn have launched the award-winning shooter’s latest update with Apex Legends: Upheaval. Players will break the rules with Alter, the devious new Legend who is the embodiment of destruction.

Scope out the new Into The Void trailer for Apex Legends: Upheaval, which showcases some of the top chase items from the Battle Pass, available customizations with Apex Artifacts, Void Raider Cosmetics and more that players can score.

With the all-new Upheaval Battle Pass, players may unleash devastation right from Level 1 with the Legendary “Void Touched” Volt and Epic skins for Alter, Wraith and Revenant. Legends can then crush hearts in Seer’s Legendary “Creeping Void” at Level 25, and embrace the darkness with Catalysts’s Legendary “Void Witch” at Level 50, ultimately mastering the void and earning the “Void Impulse” Reactive 30-30 at Level 100 and Level 110. Players get the chance to corrupt their style with Apex Artifacts - the universal Mythic Melee Cosmetic that can be equipped by any Legend, in any mode. Each variant’s Theme, Power Source and more can be customized using Exotic Shards - mixing and matching to craft a player’s own calling card of destruction.

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