ANIMAL WELL is launching digitally on Switch May 9th, 2024, but it turns out a physical release is also in the works from Limited Run Games.

If you’re interested in going the physical route, Limited Run Games will have a standard and Collector’s Edition up for grabs. The standard version is priced at $40 and gets you a standard game card and box. The Collector’s Edition will cost you $100 and packs in the following:

  • Physical Copy of Animal Well for Nintendo Switch
  • Animal Well Collector’s Edition Box
  • Rainbow Laminate Lithographs
  • Reactive Acrylic Display Scene
  • 24” x 36” Full Map of Game
  • Holographic Stickers
  • Stamp Stickers
  • Thematic Journal
  • Pen

In ANIMAL WELL, hatch from your flower and spelunk through a beautiful and sometimes haunting world; a pixelated wonder rendered in intricate audio and visual detail. Encounter lively creatures small and large, helpful and ominous as you discover unconventional upgrades and unravel the well’s secrets. This is a truly unique experience that can make you laugh in fear, surprise, or delight.

Physical ANIMAL WELL pre-orders open on May 24th, 2024 and you can get a better look at the options on the LRG website.


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