Memories Off Sousou: Not Always True is a new romance visual novel from MAGES., and it’s set to arrive on Switch in Japan sometime this year. While things have been rather quiet on the game since its initial reveal, today brings us a breakdown of the game’s story along with a look at some of the characters you’ll come across.

In Memories Off Sousou: Not Always True, you’ll play as second-year high schooler Itsuki Kusumegi, who comes in contact with Sae Sunomiya, a part-time worker at the Ressac restaurant and café. Sae is a third-year student at the same high school as Itsuki, and Sae ends up with a terrible first impression of Itsuki due to a botched meeting at the café.

Itsuki’s childhood friend Nene Amaha aims to help Itsuki build a relationship with Sae, but as you’ve probably guessed, Nene also has feelings for Itsuki. There will also be other romantic interests in the game, such as light novel enthusiast Kazune Kitakata, the delinquent senior Setsuka Nakamori, and the half-German soccer player Marie Akira Forster.

The list of supporting characters revealed so far includes Itsuki’s best friend Arata Otani, the class teacher Tsubame Minami, the Ressac restaurant’s chief trainer Shin Inaho, and Marie’s teammate Hikari Kurauchi. You can get a look at all of these characters in a gallery here.

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