The next Wholesome Direct has been dated! This event, which focuses on cute, relaxing games, is set to air on June 11th, 2022 at 12:30 PM ET. We do know that a handful of Switch titles will be shown, but there’s sure to be some surprises in there as well. Let’s hope some of those surprises will also make their way to Switch!

We’ll make sure to cover this event live and bring you full details on the Switch games shown. For now, you can enjoy a promo trailer for the event below.

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2y ago

Does it have PETA's seal of approval? 😜 Does anything get that organisation's approval? They'd probably claim those animals in that drawing are there against their will. Just when I seen that bright, cheery story and "wholesome", I was thinking who could object to this?


2y ago

The show last year was good and held lots of upcoming Switch titles. Looking forward to it.