Magic is in the air on Moonstone Island as a new Magic Man-themed update (called Magic May) and the “Arcane Artifacts” DLC are on the way. This content is hitting PC on May 21st, 2024, but it’s not clear if Switch will get it the same day. Hopefully we’ll get confirmation on that soon, but we know at the very least that all of this content will arrive on Switch at some point.

Give yourself that ethereal vibe with new decorations (both paid and free) new Spirits, including Pombomb from Cassette Beasts, and some adorable new town scenes starring everyone’s favorite weirdo NPC!

If you’d like a full breakdown of everything in the works, you can get the complete Steam announcement below.


I have been informed that there is upcoming DLC for Moonstone Island once more, this time themed around… magic! I don’t know what DLC is, but I do know what magic is, and also I really think you’re going to enjoy the magic-themed furniture and decor that Paolo has whipped up for us launching on May 21st. Well, it’s a collaboration between Paolo and Waldo, but Paolo did most of the work. (Don’t tell Waldo I said that. He’ll turn me into a frog, probably.)

There’s a candelabrum for those of you who feel like your home isn’t quite medieval enough, a lectern for those of you who love to let everyone know that you can read, a tattered curtain for anyone who wants the “shabby chic” look in their room, and a rug shaped like Waldo’s hat. Oh, and a summoning circle. I won’t ask too many questions about that one, but please try not to summon too many demons, k? Moonstone Island has enough problems to deal with.

You’ll also be able to change your house exterior to look like Waldo’s hat, which is… quite a choice. Let’s just say I’m glad we don’t have an HOA out here. I can’t really talk, though. My house is a barrel.

Free Update

Hey. ‘Sup. Ferra here. Ossono got anxious about having to write this newsletter, downed an entire pint of beer in five seconds, and now she’s having a nap. Now it’s Ferra time! I’m gonna tell you about the free update.

K, so there’s a free update. Duh. It’s gonna be released at the same time as the DLC, and it’s gonna make Moonstone Island EXTREMELY COOL. So, get this: you also get a ton of new furniture, like a crystal ball (for peepin’ futures), a Venus Flytrap (don’t tell Gaiana lol), a house that looks like a fishbowl (you do you, weirdo), an item frame to show off your favorite items, a rug shaped like Fishbo (best boi), and WALLS!!!! Yeah! You can now turn your rooms into smaller rooms with the magic of Wall TechnologyTM.

There’s more furniture but I think it should be a surprise.

Oh yeah, also, apparently Waldo (you might know him as “Magic Man” or “the weird guy with the chicken house”) is getting a bunch of extra dialogue. I don’t know what that means, but I’m just glad that he’ll be a bit more talkative now that he’s moved back into town. It was kinda sad that he just avoided all of us before, but now he’s chill. We’re pals.

I’m bored now, lemme get someone else to take over…

New Spirits

Alchemist! Hello! It’s Zed! Ferra said I need to write a newsletter, so, here I am!

So, I’m not entirely sure what happened (Cleo and I are working on figuring it out), but there have been new Spirits sighted on the outer islands! I don’t know much about them yet, but one of them is a dog-like creature, so I’m trying to remain calm, but I CAN’T, I LOVE HIM, HE’S SO CUTE.

Apparently, alongside this influx of new Spirits, Waldo has also managed to discover some new card magic, which means he’s created some new cards for sale in his shop.

Things are so exciting!!!! I need to go and prepare my research stations! Aaaah!

Other Stuff

Uh… Zed just ran past me and gave me this piece of paper. Am I supposed to finish this thing?

Ugh. Fine. It’s Gaiana, by the way.

So, there’s other stuff. I mean, aside from the furniture, and the DLC, and the Spirits, and whatever. New events. Map zooming. Napping. More inventory slots. A second tool wheel. And more stuff. I guess. Woo.

I have to go do something that isn’t this. Bye.


Last but not least, the team behind Moonstone Island also teased another plush release on the way. As you can see above, Magic Man is soon to get the plush treatment, making the second plush tied to the game that’s been released. Details on how to pick this one up are yet to be revealed, but it’ll most likely be a Makeship project. Once the full announcement is made, we’ll bring you the complete details.

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