If you’re a longtime Nintendo fan, you no doubt remember certain launches that were hampered by supply issues. The Wii was hit hard by low stock for years and years, and the Switch went through something similar. Nintendo knows this was quite a rough situation for consumers, and they’re looking to avoid that fate with Switch’s successor.

In recent years, multiple tech companies have had trouble securing the parts they need to create their hardware. Even Nintendo had mentioned in past years that they struggled to find companies who had what they needed and could manufacture the Switch at a decent rate. Thankfully, it appears those supply issues have cleared up in 2024, and Nintendo expects smooth sailing ahead.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa would very much like to keep stock issues a thing of the past when it comes to the Switch’s successor, and he believes the company is in good shape going forward to produce the units they need. You can read his comments on the matter below.

(Please note that this is a fan translation of the Japanese transcripts of the Q&A, courtesy of Nicolas10111 on Reddit.)

“Regarding the supply of the successor model to Nintendo Switch, we have not yet talked about the release timing, so we cannot give a specific answer, but at this point there is no shortage of supply of semiconductor parts, etc., as there was until the year before last. We do not anticipate that the supply of such products will become a major problem when a successor model is released.”


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