Warframe has been updated to Ver. 35.5.11. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Fixes towards the search area map marker for spawned Necramite Drones not showing up in Netracell missions due to spawn positioning issues. This also helps prevent this issue from occurring in the Whispers in the Walls Quest.
  • Fixed cases of Protea’s Temporal Anchor rewind being interrupted by enemies in her path, which was canceling the restoring of Energy, Ammo, Shields, Health, and Combo Counter.
  • Fixed getting pulled out of the Void Angel’s Ethereal Plane as Protea in Zariman missions if Temporal Anchor is cast before entering it.
  • Fixed the Bronco “Dizzying Rounds” Augment Mod enabling finishers on enemies that are not intended to be vulnerable to finishers (i.e. Acolytes, Whispers and Demolishers).
  • Fixed issue where a Client selecting a Relic using the controller binding for “Equip For Mission” would unintentionally start the Void Fissure mission before everyone has equipped a Relic.
  • Fixed cases where falling off the platforms in the Mastery Rank 25 test would not teleport you back to a platform.
  • Fixes towards Grineer enemies getting stuck outside of the starting area during the Awakening Quest.
  • Fixed Protea Prime’s Blaze Artillery and Dispensary not using Prime FX on TennoGen skins with the Prime Toggle enabled. Also fixes her Blaze Artillery and Dispensary not detaching from her back when cast on TennoGen skins with Prime Toggle enabled.
  • Fixed Protea Prime’s Shield Satellites having two additional blue burst particle VFX, which could cause performance issues. Also fixed Shield Satellites missing their impact sound FX.
  • Fixed Temporal Prime Ephemera’s “orbs” not using player selected colors in mission.
  • Fixed darker skin tones having lighting issues (overly glossy) on Operator.
  • Fixed the Protea Prime Access Packs missing localized text in the in-game Market.
  • Fixed some Albrecht Laboratories and Railjack mission nodes being unnecessarily in all CAPS in the World State Window UI.
  • Fixed several Entrati Lab Dojo Decorations missing commas in their names.

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