An update is available for Double Dragon Gaiden on Nintendo Switch. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Leaderboard has been fixed for Survival Mode users with over 250+ Tokens
  • Special characters are now displayed properly in Sonny Lee’s character description
  • Characters and upgrades chosen for Survival Mode will no longer overwrite characters and upgrades in Story Mode saves
  • ‘Double Tap to Run’ setting now retained when loading into new stages
  • Added the ability to kick users from multiplayer lobby (behave!)
  • Added latency/ping icon to search results UI for online multiplayer
  • Added ability for the user to cash out early in Survival Mode instead of quitting to Main Menu
  • Updated Sonny Lee’s action display picture
  • Fixed a phenomenon where enemies get trapped at the top of the screen in Survival Mode
  • Exchange rate in Survival Mode has been updated
  • Increased difficulty of enemies (stats and overall quantity) past Wave 15 in Survival Mode

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