Afterlove EP isn’t quite ready for launch yet, but now we have a timeframe to look forward to. The developers have announced that the game is now set to arrive sometime in Q3 2024, so hopefully that means a solid release date isn’t far off. We also got a new trailer along with the release timing info, and you can check that out above. (Please note that the demo is only available on PC)

From the creator of Coffee Talk comes a slice-of-life adventure about love, loss and music. Taking place in the vibrant city of Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, Afterlove EP is a unique mix of dating sim, rhythm game and narrative adventure, where players will inhabit Rama, a young musician whose girlfriend Cinta has recently passed away.

Whilst his close friends and bandmates are all determined to help him move on, Rama is languishing in his existence, dwelling on the promises he made to Cinta before they could be fulfilled. But there’s one more thing keeping Rama from moving on, and that’s Cinta herself, whose voice now lives inside his head. As he explores the city with Cinta in tow, Rama’s choices and interactions will lead to a variety of possible story branches, and ultimately a number of different endings.

Also featuring beautiful, manga-tinged art from renowned artist, Soyatu, and an original soundtrack from indie band, L’alphalpha, Afterlove EP brings the less-explored city of Jakarta to life, and offers an authentic and emotional story with light replayability.

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