Spiritfarer version 1.14 update out now

Tons of fixes for your journey

16 May 2022
by jmaldonado 0

Thunder Lotus has issued the newest update for Spiritfarer, version 1.14, available now. The full patch notes are listed below:

Bug fixes:

  • A black screen no longer occurs if you pause during the Mind Palace event.
  • Alice now properly recognizes the Beach outfit.
  • The wardrobe now remembers a full outfit’s settings even when the player modifies a single item.
  • Stella and Daffodil get teleported to Jackie whenever the other player triggers the conversation inside Gwen’s house.
  • The boat now properly continues to its destination after encountering a turtle sister.
  • Sleeping while Stanley is in front of the bed in Stella’s cabin no longer results in a loss of functionality.
  • Interacting with Stanley inside Stella’s cabin no longer causes Daffodil to fall outside the boundaries of the world.
  • Sitting on a chair while the boat approaches the Everdoor no longer leads to a loss of functionality.
  • The game’s in-game clock no longer resets after 24 hours.
  • Stella’s arm now uses the proper lighting when fishing.
  • The Everlight now appears properly during Loom and Woodcutting Minigames.
  • The Touchpad Icon now properly appears in the rebind menus.
  • Navigation inside the Control Rebinding screen no longer skips two settings when moving up from the Restore Default option.
  • Tuna fishing music will no longer prematurely stop if your co-op partner stops fishing.
  • Beverly is no longer behind Stella’s hat when hugged in ghost form.
  • In local co-op, Daffodil no longer loses functionality when meeting the turtle sisters for the first time.
  • Stella and Daffodil can no longer stand on an invisible platform in Stella’s Cabin.
  • “The Real Spiritfarer” quest now properly subtracts a Lightbulb from your inventory instead of adding one.
  • Daffodil no longer falls through the floor at multiple points in the game.
  • Going back and forth quickly on the zipline no longer causes the sound effect to disappear.
  • Stella’s bouncing animation no longer stutters when used on the umbrellas in Overbrook.
  • Atul will no longer get stuck in a loop of exiting and entering his house if the kitchen is placed in a specific position underneath his house.
  • The wind animation from the middle chimney at Bottom Line Corp no longer cuts off abruptly.
  • Repeatedly watering crops no longer causes Stella’s water animation to be skipped.
  • Stella no longer gets caught on the environment when using the zipline in Hoseki Quarry.
  • Saving/Quitting during the House Call quest no longer causes Daria’s icon to appear early in the Save Menu.
  • Daria now plays her instrument properly during the Mind Palace event.
  • Daffodil can no longer interact with the butterflies during the Hades events.
  • Mickey no longer abruptly returns to Bruce’s head during their final conversation on the way to the Everdoor.
  • Mickey no longer disappears too early during Bruce & Mickey’s Everdoor animation.
  • Denizen lost at sea now properly acknowledges your presence.
  • Turtles no longer disappear when going to sleep.
  • Daffodil no longer teleports during a Spirit’s release.
  • Going to sleep no longer crashes the game.
  • The ground inside the Field no longer appears upside down during the Edit mode.
  • Sheep now properly have wool.
  • Explored parts of the map no longer disappear upon reloading.
  • You will no longer get stuck in the game’s intro sequence.
  • Alice’s quest no longer bugs out and she will give you her obol.
  • ESC/Back buttons now work in the ”Report a bug” menu.
  • It is no longer possible to lose functionality by remapping the buttons to navigate menus to the DualShock touchpad and relaunching the game.
  • Save progress & boat will no longer merge with another save if you delete it without loading a saved game first.
  • Hugging Daffodil near a wall in Gwen’s house will no longer cause Stella to fall through the wall and get stuck.
  • Hugging Daffodil at a specific spot in Overbrook’s hospital will no longer cause Stella to fall into the background.
  • Players will no longer need to readjust from interactable objects (ore, trees, etc.) after interacting with it the first time.
  • Nordweiller’s map tooltip no longer shows three chests instead of the intended two.
  • Stella and Daffodil are now properly forced to row the tender during the Everdoor sequence.
  • Exiting the Blueprint Station no longer causes the game to lose functionality.
  • Sleeping near the Everdoor while the ghosts are on the ship no longer causes a black screen.
  • A crash no longer occurs when loading a save file that has completed Stella’s Last Voyage.
  • Closing the game during Jackie & Daria’s quest where Jackie bursts into Daria’s house will no longer break the flow of the quest completely.
  • Spirits can no longer be kicked-off the boat when moving builds to a higher altitude.
  • Skipping the intro too quickly after starting a New Game no longer causes graphical issues.
  • Going back into the game quickly no longer shows the map upside down for a couple of seconds.
  • Acetates now properly displays their contents in the projector room.
  • Text in Main Menu will properly appear in your chosen language when playing in Japanese, Korean, Simplified or Traditional Chinese.
  • The padlock unlocking animation is no longer squashed.
  • Disconnecting your controller while in a menu no longer causes the Controller Assign Screen to overlap with the current menu.


  • Large performance and stability issues with Switch have been fixed.
  • Joycons’ grip mode in co-op no longer exchanges the Interact and Cancel buttons.
  • Jackie will no longer be in low resolution when speaking to him for the first time on an island, after his reveal.
  • The water will no longer appear in Low Resolution during Gwen’s Last Voyage.
  • Daffodil’s eyes and ears will no longer flicker.
  • Fixed an issue where certain station’s buttons were hard to read when using a Left Joycon.
  • Astrid’s fan will no longer clip through walls.
  • Buck’s event prompt will no longer be cut off by the edge of the screen.
  • Stella’s superfluous animation frame when running towards Lily was removed.
  • Astrid will no longer get stuck on a ladder when welcoming Giovanni to the boat.


  • Spirits’ mood bonus for eating a food they enjoy is no longer mistranslated to food they dislike in Portuguese.
  • Summer no longer says that she is not hungry when rejecting a hug, in Simplified Chinese.
  • Torn Letter and the Crumpled Letter from Jackie both contained untranslated lines in Russian, Korean and Simplified Chinese.
  • There is no longer a typo in Charon’s dialogue at the start of the game.
  • The button icons and text no longer overflow the UI when reading letters in Russian.
  • Fixed multiple food items in the recipe list whose text overflowed in Russian.
  • Denizen name in Quest Log for “Perimeter Sweep” was untranslated in multiple languages.
  • Doctor had an untranslated speech bubble after completing his quest at Overbrook in multiple languages.
  • Denizens in Southpoint Docks were not translated in multiple languages.
  • Gwen will no longer say a specific hour to wake her up instead of in the morning in Korean.
  • Text to confirm an event will no longer overlap with the Yes/No options in Simplified Chinese.
  • Pop-up notification about Jackie’s house improvements had an incorrect line break in Russian text.
  • Russian text box overflowed when talking about Daria in the Archive Room Filing Cabinet.
  • Text in the Main Menu now properly appears when first launching the game in Japanese, Korean, Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

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