That Game Company Technical Game Designer, Luke Williams, and Gameplay Engineer, Kyle Holdwick, have shared a little bit about Sky: Children of the Light’s latest season, the Season of Nesting. You can check out their insight and details in the video feature above.

The Season of Nesting puts Sky kids front and center with a new location ready to be made into something truly special. You can hop in on the Season of Nesting right now by downloading Sky: Children of the Light for free!

The Nesting Guide awaits players at the soon-to-open Nesting Workshop in Aviary Village. Head over to see the Seasonal items that can be unlocked—special display stands offer cosmetics and, especially, wood-crafted furniture and decor to use in your Nest and Shared Spaces…or perhaps in other environs for those who enjoy both interior and exterior design.

Season Pass holders will be able to unlock two Ultimate Gifts from the Nesting Guide, too: an outfit appropriate for a creative craftskid, and a special figurine that can both be used as a prop, and to switch outfits when you’re away from your closet. Pick any outfit items from your closet to display on the figurine. You can place the figurine anywhere from your Nest to your favorite realms, and Sky kids who pass by who also own the cosmetics the figurine is wearing can switch their outfits to match!

A Shared Space shrine in the workshop has also been set aside for you to set up in whatever style you want, or browse the workshop setups that other players have imagined.

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