RedDeer.Games, an indie developer and publisher for Nintendo Switch, has announced the release date of the in-house crazy game – Hotel Hustle. The team behind Freaky Trip turned to creating the ultimate hotel where the players are a mixture of the receptionist, the cleaner, and a food delivery person. With a couch multiplayer option, challenges, loud guests, and hotel mishaps will be happening starting today on Switch.

Hotel Hustle gives players a chance to have a very hands-on approach to managing a hustling and bustling hotel. The day starts with cleaning rooms, vacuuming carpets, and changing sheets before the guests’ arrival. Many impatient folks will come to the front desk and demand a room but they will only be happy if its sparkly clean.

After checking in, some of them will have special requests – like luxurious sheets or special food. It’s the player’s job to fulfil those whims and earn some extra cash while they’re at it.

Hotel Hustle has a 2-person multiplayer, where the screen zooms out depending on the distance between the characters. Players can always see what their buddy is struggling with and help out if needed. The game will adjust its difficulty if two players are present so the levels will stay challenging… but two heads are better than one!

Hotel hustlers will be graded with stars depending on their performance on each stage. More stars means more unlocked levels and higher difficulty. The 25 stages of hotel lobbies have different layouts so players will encounter different struggles and hard-to-reach areas as they progress.

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