Get ready to unleash a whole new suite of skills and become the ultimate apex predator in Path of Titans with upcoming the Night Stalker Update, launching today.

The abilities introduced in this update, such as Midnight Hunter and Night Stalker, will increase the mystique and thrills of dinosaur combat in nighttime gameplay. Small and midsized carnivores will see their prowess increased after dark with more than ten new and updated abilities. Abilities such as The Call of the Night Terrors will provide the Latenivenatrix with a boost to stamina recovery and damage, making it the ultimate predator.

Scenes of the watering holes in the African wilderness at night has been an underlying inspiration for the team, this update will see the water’s edge become much more hotly contested areas. Raptors in the shadows and new skills for aquatic carnivores make long nights by the watering holes bristle with danger.

Stand taller, hit harder, and take fuller advantage of all that the environments of Panjura & Gondwa have to offer with this upcoming suite of powerful new skills.

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