All of the content Nintendo created for Super Mario 64 was enjoyed literally decades ago by players. As far as what Nintendo crafted for players to see, interact with and explore, that has been done and dusted for a very long time. Since then, players have been coming up with their own challenges to keep the fun going, and yet another has been completed 27 years later.

Super Mario 64’s Cool, Cool Mountain has a door that Mario comes out of, but he can never turn around and go back in. That door is only ever meant for Mario to exit out of, but that never sat right with players. For nearly 30 years now, some very dedicated fans have been doing all they can to try and send Mario back into that door.

Hackers have long since sent Mario back through that door by using various glitches, clipping tools and more, but the real diehard fans out there wanted a way to get back through that door without using programs and software that exists outside of the game. Now, all these years later, that goal has finally been achieved.

The video above shows how the feat was pulled off, and it uses a ton of in-depth knowledge of how the game works. It may not be the most exciting method or the most fun to employ, but the end result is a victory fans have been looking for for a very long time now. I guess these dedicated players will have to find a new oddity to fixate on now!

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