5-year long Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit has ended in a dismissal

A second 4-year long suit was also dismissed

13 May 2024
by jmaldonado 0

Since the Switch’s launch the infamous Joy-Con drift has plagued the system. The controller problems became so widespread and rampant that several class-action lawsuits were filed at Nintendo and have lasted for years, but it seems none have borne fruit.

Two of the longest running suits Diaz vs. Nintendo and Carbajal vs. Nintendo, filed in 2019 and 2020 respectively, are officially being ended via dismissal with prejudice by the plaintiff. This means that the families have agreed to close the case completely with no chance for reopening in the future. There is currently no word as to why the plaintiff’s have decided to move for dismissal but if new information comes to light we’ll be sure to report it here.

With Nintendo officially announcing that a new system is on the way one can only hope that they will learn from this incident and provide revamped controllers with the next system so that this issue can be left in the past.

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