The Nipponbashi Game Show 2024 is taking place June 22nd and 23rd, 2024 in Japan, and plenty of third party Switch titles will be on display. A promotional poster has been released to hype up the event, and surprisingly, the poster itself not only shares previously-unknown release dates for Switch games, but also confirms a few new ones as well.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the new Switch announcements this poster includes:

  • Maid Cafe on Electric Street will be available for Switch in addition to PC
  • Yobarai Detective: Miasma Breaker will launch for Switch this fall
  • Symphonic Rain for Switch will get a physical release in the early summer
  • Cotton Fantasy 2 (Cotton Reboot 2) will launch for PS5 and Switch in 2024
  • The Good Old Days will launch for Switch around October

As for more details on all of these games, we can look forward to learning all sorts of new details come Nipponbashi Game Show 2024. We’ll certainly keep our eyes peeled for those details next month!

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