Today, SMITE has released the ‘Galactic Frontier’ Update on all platforms, including a variety of new content – now live and available to all players!

The 2v2v2v2v2 mode is back

SMITE is two teams of five, right..? WRONG! It’s the other way around in Odin’s Onslaught, back today!

This chaotic limited-time mode pits together FIVE teams of TWO players. Only once featured 18 months ago, Odin’s Onslaught features a map comprised of an immense jungle without lanes or structures – because why bother? Just reach 40 000 gold to take the win! Yet things get serious when you face the terrible herald of Ragnarök, Níðhöggr, in an epic boss fight.

Designers have been busy working on many new mechanics, reworks, and tweaks sure to make Odin’s Onslaught an even funnier experience this time around! Additional changes also improved the technical state and gameplay particularities of this temporary mode.

Call your best mate to arms and dive into Odin’s Onslaught today!

Exploring new paths for targeted modes, Gods, and items

Slash is SMITE’s 4v4 mode where you face Juggernauts which then aid you to siege the enemy base. Today with the Galactic Frontier Update, Slash benefits from changes based on community feedback. Now gold is granted faster, you can use Portals to teleport straight into the action, and Enhanced Apophis, the deadly Slash Boss, spawns two Juggernauts when killed. Those changes should up the pace and help the dominant team to confirm victory.

Galactic Frontier, the name of today’s Update, refers not only to the theme of its Cross-Gen Pass but also to designers exploring new gameplay systems. Thanks to recently added tech, they get to ask questions such as: “What if Jormungandr used Death’s Embrace?” Exactly: items with ‘procs’ now work—although partially—for Jormungandr, Bake Kujira, Charybdis, and Fafnir in Dragon form.

Don’t you exploit this new mechanic… Or actually, do! The Galactic Frontier Update is an invitation for players to jump in and redefine the SMITE boundaries, starting today.

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