Spanish game developer Póntica is breaking into the Metroidvania genre with its upcoming title for PC and Switch, Plus Ultra: Legado. The game’s Kickstarter will go live on Thursday, May 16th, and conclude on Saturday, June 15th.

In recognition of Mesoamerican indigenous populations, Plus Ultra: Legado takes players through the sweeping landscapes of 16th-century Mexico. As a Metroidvania, Plus Ultra: Legado recounts the deep history between Spanish explorers and Mesoamericans. The game’s ligne-claire comic visuals create an entirely new gameplay experience, coined “the comicvania.”

A Historic Adventure

Experience this historical journey as Don Juan, a Spanish explorer, on his daring mission to Veracruz to apprehend a conquistador. Alongside Don Juan, encounter friends, foes, and intimidating bosses as you learn the truths hiding among Mexico’s lush scenery. Interact with a 2D environment throughout your quest for details on this complicated conflict, or bypass the dialogue to keep the momentum of your gameplay. Intertwining plot and combat, Plus Ultra: Legado leaves the pace up to you!

Introducing the Comicvania

In keeping with the hallmarks of the Metroidvania genre, Plus Ultra: Legado promises players the essentials of the beloved genre: 2D platforming, exploration, intricate labyrinthine maps, thrilling boss battles, and new abilities to unlock previously inaccessible areas. A concise and fast-paced movement set makes combat accessible for all fans of the genre, from speedrunners to lore lovers. Tying these assets together is Plus Ultra: Legado’s colorful comic art style, which adds interactive details–such as breakable speech bubbles and multi-layered backgrounds–to the immersive “comicvania” experience.

Kickstart the Project

The Kickstarter campaign for Plus Ultra: Legado launches on Thursday, May 16th, and concludes on Saturday, June 15th. The campaign’s supporters can purchase numerous rewards, including physical game editions, deluxe soundtracks, and 3D figures, as well as incredible exclusive handcrafts. Metroidvania fans and collectors alike don’t want to miss this limited-time opportunity.

UPDATE: The upcoming Metroidvania title, Plus Ultra: Legado, has been successfully funded on Kickstarter and will see a release in 2025 on Nintendo Switch. With the campaign still ongoing till June 15th, the game’s developer, Póntica, hopes to reach their stretch goals for additional localizations and more.

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