RedDeer.Games has received a positive decision on an application submitted to the Video Games Support Program, organized by the Center for the Development of Creative Industries.
The grant of 280,000 PLN for game developers, financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, was granted to RedDeer.Games for creating the new game prototype in The Evil One universe – Stories from the Warcity, based on Leopold Tyrmand’s bestselling novel.

Stories from the Warcity, will be an action-adventure game prototype with an isometric view, which will be based on The Evil One.

Developed by RedDeer.Games, the game based on it will focus on the fate of Warsaw healing its post-war wounds. And on the story of its self-proclaimed dark hero, whom they call The Evil One.

On the dark streets of the city, players will meet non-schematic characters, immerse themselves in a complex multi-threaded story, and decide whether they will be the hero of the city or someone completely opposite… Players will deep dive into solving criminal puzzles, and traverse the ruined streets of the city, which once again in its history is awakening to life.

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