(Fairy Fencer F: Refrain Chord teaser image via Gematsu)
(Fairy Fencer F: Refrain Chord teaser image via Gematsu)

The latest issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed a new entry in the Fairy Fencer F series.

Fairy Fencer F: Refrain Chord is being developed by Sting and published by Compile Heart. It will be a tactics RPG, differentiating itself from its traditional RPG predecessor. Set to be released in Japan on September 15th, an English localization has yet to be announced. A western release isn’t entirely off the table though, as other entries in the series have eventually been given the localization treatment. The game will be priced at ¥8,580, and a limited edition will also be available for ¥10,780. What’s included in the limited edition is anyone’s guess, as details are currently scarce.

Check out more details below via Gematsu:

  • Fairy Fencer F: Refrain Chord is a tactics RPG featuring an assortment of characters from the series.
  • “Dramatic Resonance” can overturn the battle through song. A high-risk, high-return element that can strengthen both sides of the battlefield, it occurs when an ally or enemy songstress sings.
  • Support Fairy Boost has a high degree of freedom.
  • There is a treasure hunting element on the world map.
  • Characters: Fang (voiced by Ryouta Oosaka), Tiara (voiced by Kaori Ishihara), Songstress Fleur (voiced by Yui Ishikawa), Fairy Eryn (voiced by Rumi Ookubo)

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