A ton of different Mega Man model kits have been released over the years, and Kotobukiya has been behind a bunch of them. Some of those kits have been sold out for literally years, but Kotobukiya is about to give Mega Man fans a second chance to snag a select few.

Kotobukiya has announced a restock of Mega Man X and Zero model kits, and they’re set to launch sometime in August 2024. There will be both regular versions of Mega Man X and Zero, and they’re priced at $43 each. Along with that, the Mega Man X Premium Charge Shot Version is getting a restock for $47 alongside the Zero Nightmare Version for $45

As of right now, it seems like the above options are the only ones planned for restocks, but that could change in the future. Should any other model kits get a second run, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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