Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Wars is a lovely card RPG from Square Enix that was given quite a warm welcome by Switch owners. The title launched towards the tail-end of October, making for a nice digital stocking stuffer before the year’s end. Little did we know a sequel would be heading our way in just a few months.

Just four months after Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon launched, Square Enix brings us Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden. No one expected to see a sequel to The Isle Dragon come out so soon after the original! Well, no one but Square Enix, that is.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, executive producer Yosuke Saito mentioned that it was always the plan to make Voice of Cards into a series.

We did intend to make a series out of it from the start, but we kept that secret.

Of course, now we have to wonder what other secrets Square Enix is keeping. Are we going to see a third Voice of Cards title four months from now?!

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