Back in June of last year, McDonald’s came up with the idea of celebrating Grimace’s birthday with a brand-new Game Boy/Game Boy Color game. The restaurant chain teamed with developer Krool Toys to get the job done, and you can see what they cooked up here.

Almost one year later, we see that Krool Toys is back at it again, but this time they’ve partnered with Nike for a retro game release. The retro dev has just launched ajXI: CoSMic CLIMb, a Game Boy Color platformer that’s focused on the world of Nike footwear.

Join Stef and Tia of Krool Toys on an epic journey through cosmic realms in this action-packed adventure! Earth is under siege by menacing robo-alien forces, and it’s up to you to defend the planet.

  • Harness the Power: Unleash cosmic energy with each leap in the Air Jordan 11 Retro Lows.
  • Unlock the Time Trial Challenge: Test your skills against the clock in the secret Time Trial mode!
  • Master the Challenges: Navigate treacherous obstacles, outmaneuver alien adversaries, and slam dunk your way to victory.
  • Save the Universe: Only by mastering the power of the Air Jordan 11 Retro Low shoes can you reach the pinnacle of your cosmic climb and restore peace to the universe.

If you want to give ajXI: CoSMic CLIMb a shot, you can play the game on your phone or PC for free right here.

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