The Last Faith has been updated to Ver. 1.5.2. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Gameplay Pause Feature: The game now pauses automatically when the full-screen UI is open.
  • Starter Combat Styles Changes: Starting classes now feature varied equipment, enhancing the initial gameplay experience.
  • Lost Nycrux: Dying in boss arenas now causes lost Nycrux to spawn outside the arena at the last checkpoint visited.
  • Shop Interface Improvement: Shops have been updated with an “All” tab for easier navigation and item selection.
  • Map Screen Enhancement: The map screen now displays the area where the player died.
  • Balancing Tweaks: We’ve made significant balancing improvements to enemies and bosses, aiming for a more challenging and fair gameplay experience.
  • Weapons and Spells Balancing: Both weapon and spell mechanics have been fine-tuned for better balance and diversity in combat strategies.
  • Achievement Fix: The Last Faith Achievement is now obtainable. Players who previously had this stuck should relaunch the updated game to trigger the achievement.
  • Controller Remapping Added
  • Player Stat Respec Added
  • Added NPC Markers on the Map
  • Stigmas are now activated with a single button.
  • Beast Mode is activated by the Hold+Action button.
  • Marksman Buffs and Game Balance Tuning

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