Danny DeVito says he's open to playing Wario in a movie

Could there be more perfect casting?

15 May 2024
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The Super Mario Bros. Movie was one of the biggest successes in Hollywood in 2023, and there’s no doubt the sequel is going to be bigger and better. Of course, ever since the first movie came out, fans have been wondering just who’s going to pop up in the sequel. While the official word on that is still out, there are plenty of people hoping to see some of Mario’s evil doppelgangers joining the mix.

Could Wario make an appearance in The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2? Only time will tell, but now we know of one actor who’d be open to taking on the role. In news that will no doubt make plenty of Mario fans happy, none other than Danny DeVito has said that he’s open to play Wario in a Mario movie should the opportunity arise.

To be extremely clear, DeVito isn’t saying he’s been offered the role. He simply said that he’s up for the idea should it come his way. On top of that, DeVito also jokingly said that he’d take Universal “to the cleaners” if they wanted to land him in the role, meaning he’d like a pretty penny for taking the gig!

You can see the whole Wario-related exchange with Mr. DeVito in the video above at the 6:16 mark.


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