Developer thatgamecompany has shared a sneak peek at what’s next for the current Season of Sky: Children of the Light. This gives us a look at Nesting features and more that are coming with the 0.25.5 update.

You can read the patch notes and upcoming adjustments to expect in Ver. 0.25.5 in the breakdown straight from thatgamecompany below.

Nests look too dark at night: We’ve adjusted the lighting to address that feedback, so your Nest should be a little bit easier to see when the stars are out.

Excessive bloom in dark areas: We got your reports about that too, and the update will have fixes to tone that down.

Items to unlock for currency in the Nesting Workshop were simultaneously featured to use in your Nest: Our apologies for that confusion! The items that are both in the Nesting Workshop lineup and featured in your Nest have been temporarily removed from the Nesting Workshop rotation until we can better clarify their availability.

(We made the rotation change independent of the 0.25.5 release, so that’s already in effect. Meanwhile, the fix for making these items available in a clearer way will come at a later date, so we’ll keep you posted!)

Will the Heart rewards in the Nesting Guide’s Challenge Board remain free after the Season ends? Answer: yep! The Challenge Board isn’t limited to just the Season of Nesting, so the challenges and the rewards will remain available to complete and unlock at your own pace long after the Season is over. In 0.25.5, we’ll remove the timer that appears with the Challenge Board to make that clearer. We’ve also seen some folks ask about the Nesting Guide and what some of the story is with them. That’s a fair question, which we hope the upcoming Seasonal Quests can help answer.

Also in the Works

One thing we know: Sky kids should be cuter when they sit on furniture. The animation team has made this a reality, so once 0.25.5 comes, Sky kids will properly curl up, stretch out, and lounge on their favorite furniture.

We’re also including a feature that we’re hoping will spark inspiration for everyone—a toggle to view other Nests. It’s similar to the function that allows you to see a range of Shared Spaces when you’re at a Shared Space Shrine.

You’ll be able to “scroll” through a preview that favors your friends’ Nests while also showing Nests of other Sky children too. It’s just a preview, though, so you won’t see anyone in this view, and they won’t see anyone who might be viewing their Nest through this toggle either. It’s also not a Player Creation toggle, so it won’t include an option to send Hearts.

What you’ll see in the 0.25.5 update is the first version of this view feature. We want to use your feedback as we keep building on it, so once the next patch goes live and you get a chance to try it out, let us know what you think in the #live-feedback channel on our Discord server!

Other Nesting Ideas

The community has been really creative both with making some amazing Nests, and with sharing some great ideas and suggestions too. We wanted to touch on a few of those real quick.

A couple suggestions we’ve seen is to add ways to specify how many of an item you want to get from the Nesting Workshop, and to add “save slots” so that you could have a couple different versions of your decorated Nest. We’ve also seen some players wanting to make their Nest a third option for a loading point in the game, alongside Home and Aviary Village.

First of all, we love that you’ve liked your Nest so much that you want it to be your “home base” in the game! We’ll be exploring what might be possible with these suggestions. Some of them would require developing additional tech that we don’t have right now, and there would be a lot of other design questions to answer first before we’d know if we could make Nests a loading point, so we can’t make any promises. Still, we’re looking into what might be possible!

There’s plenty of other stuff in the 0.25.5 update that won’t fit into this post (Days of Nature and Days of Color, anyone?), but we wanted to share at least a little bit of what’s coming in the second half of the Season. We can’t wait for everyone to try out the new quests and features and to hear your feedback about it. See you in the skies!

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