Bring out your cauldrons and potions as the upcoming magical Farm-Life RPG, Garden Witch Life, offers a first look at the enchanting experience awaiting Switch players! Prepare to embrace the life of a witch starting anew and building a mystical garden to make a home for all adorable creatures. Check out the new teaser trailer for a glimpse at the vibrant realm of witchcraft and gardening.

Experience a fun, cozy witch life! Your life just took a whimsical turn, and you’re now on a quest to create a magical food forest and make it a home for all kinds of cute creatures!

You are a little witch from the big city who has just lost her job. Life didn’t go as you expected, but now you can start anew on a tiny island full of possibilities!

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Garden Witch Life. Grow your own enchanted garden, design your ancient tree house, and nurture cute creatures. Join a vibrant community, cook delicious recipes with homegrown ingredients, and explore the island’s ancient history.

Key features

  • Transform an old, dead monoculture into a thriving, diverse, magical garden
  • Create a home for lots of cute creatures — and pet them all!
  • Grow and harvest the freshest organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers
  • Discover and cook delicious, unique recipes from all around the world in your magical cauldron
  • Befriend villagers and help to bring back the spirit of community
  • Express yourself by decorating your place with your own creations
  • Explore the island and learn about its ancient history
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