iam8bit, the fine folks behind some of the best video game collectibles of the last 20 years, has partnered with indie game studio Half Asleep to create the vinyl soundtrack of your dreams. The pair are excited to announce that they’re bringing the inventive score of the 2022 sleeper hit rhythm game, Melatonin, to vinyl, available to pre-order now on

Cade Phillips’ original soundtrack (featuring additional songs by Yotam Perel, Mothense, and Filippo Vicarelli) comes to life on two gorgeous Lavender Vinyl discs, perfect for spinning as you doze off, drifting sweetly into dreamland. For the album art, Elvin Budiman put together a sweetly cozy piece that brings to mind homey bedrooms and sleepy late nights.

Winner of the 2022 Indie Cup Canada “Rising Star” Award, Melatonin is a rhythm game about dreams and reality merging together. It uses animations and sound cues to keep you on beat without any intimidating overlays or interfaces. Harmonize through a variety of dreamy levels containing surprising challenges, hand-drawn art, and vibrant music. Melatonin was released on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for PC and Mac.

Track List:

[Side A]

  • Dream Ocean
  • Night 1
  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Technology
  • Followers
  • Indulgence
  • Food (Bonus Version)

[Side B]

  • Night 2
  • Exercise
  • Work
  • Money
  • Dating
  • Under Pressure
  • Exercise (Bonus Version)

[Side C]

  • Night 3
  • Time
  • Mind
  • Space
  • Nature
  • Meditation
  • Space (Bonus Version)

[Side D]

  • Night 4
  • Stress
  • Desires
  • The Past
  • The Future
  • Setbacks
  • New Day
  • The Future (Bonus Version)

The Melatonin 2-disc vinyl soundtrack is priced at $42.99 and is expected to ship in Q2 2024.


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