Retro publisher Incube8 Games, indie developer Providential Innovations, announce that Zephyr’s Pass for the Nintendo Game Boy Color will be getting both a physical cartridge and digital release in June 2024. As launch month approaches, a new trailer has been shared and you can check it out above.

Zephyr’s Pass is a game that combines exploration, puzzle-solving, and action elements. Players will navigate treacherous environments, engage in combat against enemies, and unravel intricate puzzles that guard ancient relics. As the main character Abel harnesses the relics’ powers, players will witness his evolution, adapting his strategies and abilities to face increasingly challenging obstacles.

The story is about a young hero, who teams up with a small gang of pirates, to defeat Thane, a man trying to become the Wind God. To defeat him, Abel, our hero, must become the hero of Zephyr by finding all the ancient pieces of his armor.

Standard Edition Includes

  • Sealed box
  • Game cartridge
  • Cartridge protector
  • Sticker sheet
  • Game manual

Digital Edition Includes

  • Game ROM
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • PDF game manual
  • High resolution cover art file

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