Ever since Nintendo announced that a live-action Legend of Zelda movie was in the works, there has been both excitement and trepidation. While fans think the potential is there for a fantastic adaptation, there’s also plenty of worry about the story, actors, and approach. While we’ve yet learn the finer details of the film, we can rest easy knowing Nintendo’s brightest star is deeply involved.

Wes Ball is handling the directorial duties on the Legend of Zelda movie, and he’s recently assuaged fears with his comments on the film and franchise that clearly paint him as an honest-to-goodness fan. For those still worried the movie might not come together, you can now rest a bit easier, as Ball is also going to have the best person possible at his side for the film.

According to a Deadline interview with Sony Motion Pictures Group chairman Tom Rothman, fans needn’t worry about the adaptation being anything other than stellar, as Shigeru Miyamoto is in the trenches with this project as well.

…because the movie is being developed and made in the closest possible collaboration with [Nintendo video game designer] Shigeru Miyamoto. He’s a true genius in that world, and it’s really his strong vision that is motivating it. He created it and understands it thoroughly. You only to look at the results of Super Mario Brothers to see.

[Sony Motion Pictures Group chairman Tom Rothman]

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1M ago

Interesting that he wouldn’t name drop Al Newman, the steward of the franchise for the (now) majority of it’s existence, but I understand why. Miyamoto gave birth to it and is more of a household name. I’m sure Aonuma is involved.


1M ago


He better be, darnit! He deserves to be deeply involved just as much as Miyamoto. I'm sure he's got some input, but I'd certainly love to hear more on that. Hopefully we get those details as the film moves along in production.


1M ago

Please, no "modern audience"

Everyone I know is holding their excitement for now. Live action was not their ideal scenario for a Zelda movie.. especially with who is writing and directing the project.


1M ago


People were skeptical about the Mario Movie because of Illumination, but that turned out great, so I'll give the Zelda movie a very simple 50/50 chance of being good =)


1M ago


The Mario movie climbed the wall of worry from announcement, to the casting, to the teaser poster and trailer to release. Zelda has a much tougher wall to climb, since it's a different style of film and has a different threshold to cross.


1M ago

I have a feeling that Miyamoto‘s role here and even with the Mario movie is to protect the brand. I don’t think he’s making story or casting decisions per se but that he can come in a axe something to protect Nintendo and Zelda as a brand.


1M ago


And the Mario movie still turned out great.

I agree this will be a harder nut to crack, but I wont reject just yet just because that's the easy thing to do. Everyone gets one chance.

Who tf is Al Newman?


1M ago


I'm pretty sure it's a misspelling/autocorrect/meme unknown to me for Aonuma, at least in the first instance. The latter instance says Aonuma correctly.


1M ago

I'll bet when the movie comes out, critics who are unfamiliar with the game franchise are going to be comparing the movie to Lord of the Rings. It probably wouldn't be a very fair or flattering comparison.

But the movie doesn't need to impress critics, just audiences. And me.


1M ago


I don't think the Zelda movie should become anything like LotR. Just look at the enemies throughout the games, they are from a whole different world. I think a nice direction for a live action movie could be doing a movie completely without the use of any computer generated effects. Bring in the puppets again and do something like the movie Labyrinth from 1986, but with the knowledge from this day, with much larger budget and designed to fit a Zelda movie.


1M ago


Labyrinth-style puppets and practical effects would be incredibly fun and charming. I'd love that.