There are a staggering 174 titles in the Resident Evil franchise according to Capcom. It’s not clear how Capcom is counting remakes, remasters and re-releases, but there’s no doubt they factor into that figure. It’s an impressive stat nonetheless, but the real feather in Capcom’s cap is the 157 million units the Resident Evil franchise has sold.

Wondering just which games have been the biggest hits for Capcom when it comes to Resident Evil? Well you’re in luck, as a breakdown of the mainline games and some other big spin-offs has been shared. You can see the sales stats for multiple Resident Evil titles below.

  • RE5: 14.6m
  • RE2(‘19): 13.9m
  • RE7: 13.3m
  • RE4(‘05): 13.2m
  • RE6: 13.1m
  • Village: 9.8m
  • RE3(‘20): 8.7m
  • RE4(‘23): 7.0m
  • RE(‘02): 5.55m
  • RE0: 5.45m
  • RE(‘96): 5.08m
  • Rev: 5.0m
  • RE2(‘98): 4.96m
  • Rev 2: 4.8m
  • RE3(‘99): 3.5m
  • ORC: 2.7m
  • CV: 2.54m

UPDATE: Interested in seeing the sales for other Capcom franchises? Well you’re in luck, as Capcom has updated their million-sellers list. You can see the breakdown by franchise on Capcom’s official site.

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