Developed by Neutron Star Studio and published by indienova, the zen-style casual game Soul Link will be available on Switch May 23, 2024. The game is priced at 5.99 USD with a 10% discount at launch.

Inspired by Tetris, Soul Link does not feature a clearing mechanism. Instead, players use the continuously generated blocks as materials to build bridges between different platforms. The realistic physical properties require players to consider how to maintain the stability of the blocks. Besides basic gravity, players can also use mortise and tenon structures to tightly connect the blocks. Become an engineer in the game, solving these challenges with wisdom and creativity!

In the game, players need to build bridges in three major Stages: Earth, Sky, and Cosmos. Each stage has its unique style. In the Earth stage, the horizontal stability of the bridge structures is crucial, while the Sky stage require more consideration of vertical stability. The Cosmos stage offer a zero-gravity environment, making the gameplay completely different. Additionally, every levels of the stages introduce unique mechanics such as seesaw, floating platforms, and black holes, keeping the gameplay surprising and challenging.

Each level in the game contains three stars. To obtain them, players need to cover specific positions in the scene with blocks, which can be quite challenging. When players collect enough stars, they can purchase skills in the shop. For example, the “Solidification” skill allows adjacent blocks to fully stick together, while the “Demolition” skill can remove unwanted blocks. These skills will enhance your building experience.

Unlike traditional building puzzle games, Soul Link requires players to use their brains to complete levels. However, the pleasant music combined with the profound background will immerse you in the building process, not just focusing on the results. The game also offers an endless mode where players can empty their minds and appreciate the beauty of wabi-sabi zen in building.

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