The late, great Satoru Iwata was someone Nintendo fans got to know quite a bit over his years at Nintendo. He was very forward-facing, appearing in multiple Nintendo Directs, stage presentations and more. We really got to know his personality and vibe, which made him beloved by Nintendo fans the world over.

Nintendo’s current president, Shuntaro Furukawa, appears much more closed-off. It’s clear he’d rather let the developers do their work and he’ll focus on running the company. That makes the man a bit hard to read personality-wise, but today we’re getting a tiny glimpse into the man himself, and now we know one Nintendo franchise he’s particular fond of.

In a recent episode of the Kit and Krysta Podcast, former Nintendo employee Krysta Yang shared a story about meeting Furukawa for the first time. During that meeting, Furukawa opened up on his deep appreciation for the Fire Emblem franchise.

“The other thing about Mr. Furukawa that’s really fun is that, you know, he came to our office when he became the global president to like, introduce himself, for us to get to know him, and I love how, yeah, it was like, sort of the first time we were seeing his personality and getting to know who he is as a person. At the time he was telling us like, how he was a huge Fire Emblem fan and he was like playing Fire Emblem and he was like “I’m a huge fan, I’ve been playing Fire Emblem, but then I got to the end of Fire Emblem and I was like, the credits were rolling, and it got to the very end and it was like, Executive Producer: Furukawa” like him, right, and he was like “that was a hard cold reality that I had to get back to work”.

[Krysta Yang]

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