Looking for a new album to play in the background while you get some work done? If you’re a Zelda fan, you’ll definitely want to check out Hyrule Highlands - Celtic Zelda.

Hyrule Highlands - Celtic Zelda features 9 folky takes on fan-favourite Zelda tunes, picked from the recent Breath of the Wild back to the classic Ocarina of Time and in between. It pays homage to the storied musical history of the video game series in ways both epic and intimate.

A solo effort from multi-instrumentalist Tim de Man, Hyrule Highlands features live acoustic playing from real accordion, vocals, guitars, whistles, drums and piano - tastefully complemented with virtual strings and choir to create a lush and natural soundscape. From bombastic (Dragon Roost Island, Ballad of the Wind Fish) to haunting (Hyrule Castle) to intimate (Korok Forest, Stables/Lon Lon Ranch) to festive (Clock Town, Gerudo Valley), Hyrule Highlands covers a lot of emotional ground and makes for an engaging listen.

If you’re looking to hear a specific track, you can see the complete breakdown of the album below.

0:00 Dragon Roost Island 4:15 Romance in the Air 7:18 Hateno Village 11:04 Kakariko Village 14:40 Stables / Lon Lon Ranch 18:22 Hyrule Castle 21:55 Korok Forest 25:05 Clock Town 28:05 Gerudo Valley 31:00 Ballad of the Wind Fish

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2y ago

I do love me some Zelda music remixes.


2y ago

This isn't new, it's a year old. So, if Nintendo was looking around for people to play music on BOTW2, they could have done worse than hire him. It's impressive, especially playing all the various instruments.

It is new. Hyrule Highlands II (the second album) is launching later this month. The video is from the first album.


2y ago

Cool will listen after hitting the gym