Lost in Tropics, a new survival game with roguelite elements, created by the one-man studio Lukas GameLabs, will be released on Nintendo Switch. The player finds himself on a paradise island, where he has to face the ruthless elements and harsh nature. Lost in Tropics was released on PC on May 22 this year. Premiere on Switch can be expected in 2024/2025.

Lost in Tropics is a survival game with realistic combat mechanics for survival and elements of simulator, adventure and action. The entire game environment is based on roguelite mechanics, where failure means having to start over, and the game is heavily influenced by randomly generated conditions. Lost in Tropics also offers a system of dynamically changing weather, which also directly affects the conditions. This makes each approach to the game slightly different.

The plot of this new survival game is set on a tropical island that is both unpredictable and full of secrets waiting to be discovered.

The gameplay in Lost in Tropics includes a whole range of different activities related to the struggle for survival on a paradisiacal but dangerous island. The player must gather resources, master the art of hunting, create useful tools, develop necessary skills and construct shelters. Importantly, tools made from resources found on the island must suffice for hunting. In the struggle for survival, one can count on a system of constant upgrades that last throughout the game.

In Lost in Tropics, almost every decision the player makes has real significance and affects the player’s chances of survival in a hostile and ever-changing environment.

Lost in Tropics – main features:

  • fight for survival on a paradise island;
  • hunt and collect resources;
  • discover the secrets of the island;
  • develop survival skills;
  • every decision matters.
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