Hot Lap Racing, the simcade racer bringing the most exciting motorsport classes and eras to the track together, will welcome veteran and up-and-coming racers alike to white-knuckle thrills when it reaches Nintendo Switch on July 16th, 2024. In advance of the game’s launch Maximum Entertainment and developers Zero Games Studios and Vision Réelle have shared a new trailer that reveals the Alpine A110 GT4.

Hot Lap Racing is an expansive celebration of the world of racing, spanning multiple time periods as it returns classics like Brabham cars from the ‘60s to the track alongside state-of-the-art arrivals including the Peugeot 9x8 Endurance. Top the podium in individual categories for GT, Endurance or single-seater rides, or burn rubber in the Free category where all car classes share the same track for the ultimate generation-spanning contest.

Hot Lap Racing’s Campaign Mode includes a comprehensive tour of lessons from FEED RACING, incorporating real-world guidance to help racers perfect their performance as they set course records and establish themselves as formidable legends in the world of racing. Those new to racing will find everything they need to hone their skills while becoming a renowned force in any ride and on any track.

Hot Lap Racing is the first game available on Nintendo Switch to license real tracks and cars featuring all motorsport categories and eras, with cars never seen in a Switch racing game until now.

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