Saudi Arabia's PIF has acquired 5% of Nintendo

PIF becomes the fifth-largest shareholder

18 May 2022
by znbashi 5

According to Bloomberg, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) has acquired 5.01% of Nintendo, which would put it as the fifth-largest shareholder of Nintendo.

If you’ve been following the latest news in the industry, this might not come off as too shocking, as the PIF has been investing its money in multiple gaming companies now such as Capcom, EA, Take-Two Interactive Software, Nexon, and more. So one would wonder if Nintendo is going to be their next target or not, well, we have an answer now.

Nintendo has not commented on this matter, but this should not change anything in how Nintendo operates or behaves.

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Comments (5)


2y ago

Ugh, not a fan of the house of Saud.


2y ago

They are buying everything. Elon buy nintendo


2y ago

This isn't a good news story given all the bad publicity about Saudi Arabia, crown prince Mohammed bin Salman and their poor record on human rights.


2y ago

This is not a big deal and will not change anything. Remember that DeNa owns some of Nintendo's shares and nothing happened in that.


2y ago

Better them than Tencent.