The action-adventure game Spheriums is currently looking to pull in roughly $7,800 on Kickstarter to release for PC, but there’s a chance the game could come to Switch as well. The Kickstarter has listed a Switch stretch goal at $35k, and there’s 11 days left on the campaign to hit that goal.

Spheriums is a single-player adventure set in a series of enchanting worlds! As Arcos, the last hope of the Spherium race, you will embark on a journey to save your dying homeworld from its depleting energy sources. You will discover the Elders’ secrets by exploring six strange and very different worlds. To rescue your civilization, you will need to find old weapon technologies, upgrade your equipment, gather resources, solve puzzles, and defeat many unique creatures. Over 50 different kinds!

If you want to help Spheriums reach its base goal, and hopefully hit the Switch stretch goal as well, you can kick in some funds here.

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