We’re back to a regular show this week, and we’ve got plenty to catch up on. My saga with Doctor Who continues, Deux is finding his way through ANIMAL WELL, Mom Brain shares thoughts on 1000xRESIST, we discuss Sony’s State of Play, gush about weeb stuff, and Nicky Hill goes crazy over Nintendo’s new sign!

Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the artwork!
Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the artwork!

Thanks to Donut Muffin for putting together this week’s timestamps!

  • 0:00:32 Intro
  • 0:00:59 Dachsbun Description
  • 0:02:00 Crew’s Here
  • 0:07:59 Hello to Our Discord
  • 0:09:12 Nicky Hill Rants
  • 0:17:17 Sony State of Play Discussion
  • 0:33:22 Dr. Who Discussion
  • 0:36:14 GoNintendo Patreon Recap
  • 1:05:39 Let’s Go to News
  • 1:05:50 LEGO Reveals Legend of Zelda Great Deku Tree 2-in-1 Set
  • 1:13:51 Survey Shows Nintendo Considering Returning to Unique Character Designs for Paper Mario Series
  • 1:20:03 U.S. Software/Hardware Charts for April 2024
  • 1:30:40 Two Men Arrested for Selling Fake Pokémon Cards in $2 Million Scheme
  • 1:33:07 North American Switch eShop Releases
  • 1:35:32 European Switch eShop Releases
  • 1:40:24 Nintendo Was Concerned Hyrule Warriors Would Damage the Zelda Brand
  • 1:46:13 What Mom Brain Played
  • 1:51:09 What Nicky Hill Played
  • 1:52:30 What Deux Michaels Played
  • 2:05:31 What Raw Meat Cowboy Played
  • 2:06:12 Podcast Question
  • 2:09:41 Patron Question
  • 2:16:21 Music Trivia + Bad Game Descriptions
  • 2:32:00 Deux’s Views: Rumor of the Week
  • 2:35:03 Outro

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Comments (7)


17d ago

Oh my god we get it you hate remakes unless Nintendo gave you a check to review them, stop going on about it


17d ago

I'm glad to see Krazy Kernal is still going strong with the Hidden Jason every week (on top of the great artwork in general!)


17d ago

Not seeing the show in my podcast feed. Just an FYI.

I think you'll find RMC has stated he's not interested in even the Nintendo remakes. I'm fairly certain, when the mario RPG and Paper Mario remakes got announced he said "they're not for me I'm sure there are people that will be excited". He has said pretty much everytime a remake gets announced that he doesn't care for them. Deux was the one that got fired up and he even acknowledged that he was being unreasonable

Thank you so much! They give me all the inspiration I can handle!

Also, I'm worried that I'm running out of ideas on how/where to hide the little frog boy. I'll try not to let you down!


16d ago


Very true. Doesn't matter who's doing the remake, I really don't have any interest at all. That's why I'm not tackling the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door review. It would be wasted on me, and I want to make sure it gets tackled by someone who can do it justice.

Thank you for the backup, Kernal. The check Mom B. pays you to be my friend is in the mail!

Maybe we should switch to venmo?