The world of Minecraft has been shaped by Mojang Studios and our amazing community for 15 years! In the video above, Microsoft has gathered Minecraft developers, old and new, to talk about how Minecraft has evolved from its humble beginnings to where we are today. In the first episode, get the inside story of the first Minecons, attempts at early YouTube content, and some insight into the first major updates.

Those stories continue on in the second episode as well, giving more insight into how we got to the version of Minecraft you know and love today. There were plenty of missteps and stumbling blocks along the way, but all those triumphs and tribulations eventually led to the amazing experience that’s still going strong 1.5 decades later!

In part 3, Mojang goes behind the scenes on how they research our real-life mobs, give insight into their brightest and boldest of updates, and discuss the community reaction to the latest mob vote.

In part 4, Mojang talks about the pressure of delivering updates and managing community expectations, delve into updates that changed the world of Minecraft forever, and make some educated guesses into what the next 15 years might hold!

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