Square Enix has released another round of information and screens for Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline. You can check out the screen gallery here, and read about both Alchemy Pot and Rarefied Monsters below.

Alchemy Pot

  • use an Alchemy Pot to synthesize labyrinth coins for Magic Labyrinths
  • you can also use them for food to boost stats in battle, and consumable items
  • Alchemy Pots can be used in safe locations
  • you’ll need the right ingredients in recipes in order to synthesize something
  • you can find recipes in treasure chests and towns, or buy them from shops

Rarefied Monsters

  • these are long-lived creatures rarefied with a new name and appearance
  • defeating these monsters nets you Fun-Size Forge recipes, plus forging and Alchemy Pot materials

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