Cronela's Mansion "Animated" Trailer

Looks pretty maniacal

04 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Shortly after releasing the game’s debut gameplay trailer, retro-focused Spanish indie developer Straynus has given us an animated trailer for the Maniac Mansion-inspired point-and-click adventure, Cronela’s Mansion.

Cronela’s Mansion is currently in development and will launch in 2025. The different versions of the game will be compatible with the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, PC, and Switch. For more updates, please be sure to follow the official Cronela’s Mansion Kickstarter.

A labor of love over four years in the making, Cronela’s Mansion is a spiritual successor to Lucasfilms’ fan-favorite point-and-click adventure Maniac Mansion. Featuring open-world gameplay, players explore the fictional city of Rodsem Land along with the game’s titular mansion in a non-linear quest as they solve puzzles, interact with a colorful cast of characters through a dynamic dialogue system, and uncover the sprawling estate’s secrets. With over 50 unique rooms to scour for clues and tons of hidden easter eggs to uncover, Cronela’s Mansion is a must-play experience that no fan of the classic point-and-click adventures from the 80s and 90s should miss.

In the depths of a majestic mansion, a story of witchcraft, lies, and betrayal is concealed, laden with nightmares that defy all known logic. The mansion harbors secrets, where the line between the real and the fantastic fades away. Each room is a portal to a shadowy world where the truth is as elusive as light in the darkness.

Will you dare to discover the truth hidden behind the doors of this spine-chilling place? The choice is yours, but be careful; once you cross the threshold, Cronela’s Mansion could reveal more than you are willing to face.

Enter with caution as this mysterious place unveils its enigmas only to the bravest, those willing to lose track of time and their own sanity.

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