It seems like Nihon Falcom might have some plans to bring some of their back catalog over to the Switch. At the very least, the developer is considering it.

In an interview with Toshihiro Kondo, President of Nihon Falcom, we learned that there’s at least some interest in bringing classic Nihon Falcom games over to Switch in the future. You can see Mr. Kondo’s statement on the matter below.

The Nintendo Switch is a console that is very familiar to me, as my children often play it. Additionally, there is a wide range of people from various age groups because of the convenience of it being a handheld console. Once we had released titles on the PSP, we had a wider variety of different age groups playing our games, and we expect releasing titles on the Nintendo Switch will have the same effect.

[Toshihiro Kondo]

As you can see, Kondo stops short of confirming plans, but this is clearly something the team has talked about. Furthermore, Kondo stated that if they were to bring these games over, they’d do so digitally instead of physically.

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2y ago

This company is so stupid they never believed in switch and stick to ps4, now they are tanking in japan